On Thursday, April 2nd, Governor Holcomb and State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Jennifer McCormick, announced the physical closure of all Indiana school buildings for the remainder of the school year due to the COVID-19 virus. Although the physical buildings were closed, Dr. McCormick issued the following requirements to all schools.

All schools must complete one of the following to be eligible for a complete school year:

  • A total of 160 days of instruction for the year


  • 20 additional online instructional days after April 2nd, 2020

Due to Wes-Del Community Schools choice to not use any waiver days and continue eLearning upon closure on March 16th, 2020, Wes-Del has currently completed 144 days of instruction. To meet the 160 days of instruction threshold, Wes-Del Community Schools will need to complete 16 more days of eLearning.

Although eLearning instruction cannot compare to the quality of direct classroom instruction, it can be a viable method of instruction for our Warriors to complete the school year. This school year we implemented our eLearning plan with success, and that early implementation has put us in a good position to complete the next 16 days. The Wes-Del administration, teachers, and staff have developed a strong plan, and with a positive team effort, we will achieve success.

None of us could have predicted the circumstance or situation our world has been placed into within the last few months. It would be easy to focus on the negative, as we are surrounded by it during this time. But that is not what is in the heart of a Warrior. In a time like this, Warriors will display vigor and courage. We will get through the next 16 days, and it will not be without issues or bumps along the way. Some days will be better than others, some days it will all work, and some days it won’t. We will not hide from it, we will embrace it, and we will do it together. WARRIOR PRIDE!

We miss all of you more than you know, but we will see you real soon!

Kyle Mealy