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Thu, Oct 29

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Tue, Nov 10

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Tue, Nov 10

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Wed, Nov 11

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Matt Nuckols
Matt Nuckols
9 days ago

Reminder that Elementary teachers are conducting parent/teacher conferences via phone or zoom now through the end of the month. Your child's teacher will be in touch regarding a time. Also, this Friday, October 23rd is a scheduled E Learning Day.

Matt Nuckols
Matt Nuckols
22 days ago

As the 9 weeks comes to a close, we will begin to look at our virtual option for the next 9 weeks. Right now, all virtual students will remain virtual for the 2nd 9 weeks unless the school is notified otherwise. If you plan to send your student back in-person for the 2nd 9 weeks, which starts after fall break, please contact the office no later than this Friday. Again, you only have to contact the office if you plan to return your student in-person after fall break. If you would like to continue with the virtual option, you may disregard this message. Thank you!