Wes-Del Community Schools

Members of the administration of Wes-Del Community Schools were informed Sunday that they had been exposed to COVID-19. The administration were in close contact while conducting strategic planning for the upcoming school year. In accordance with  the school reopening procedures, all administrators who were in close contact(within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes) have been placed into self quarantine and will be tested.  No administrator has been within the buildings and grounds in over the 72 hour recommended time for shut down, and all buildings and grounds are receiving a deep cleaning.  

The buildings will be accessible on Tuesday, July 28th. 

The health and safety of all students and staff are paramount at Wes-Del Community Schools, and we will continue to work to provide a safe return for students. Information related to the reopening of schools can be found here https://5il.co/i71r.