Wes-Del MS/HS Technology Plan

Wes-Del Middle/High School

Technology Plan


July 1, 2008-June 30, 2011

School Mission Statement

The administration, faculty, staff, of Wes-Del Middle/High School will provide a safe environment with opportunities and services that will nurture the academic and personal growth of all students.  The successful completion of middle/high school will prepare students socially, emotionally, and educationally to pursue personal and societal goals in a changing environment.

Technology Goals

Wes-Del Middle/High School will:

1.   Continue to investigate and monitor the development of new and emerging technology and software that can improve the engagement of students in learning.

2.   Increase the incorporation of technology into the current curriculum to strengthen and support basic skills and learning strategies in creating critical thinking skills for all students

3.   Provide teacher training in various technologies that will enhance student learning.

Technology and Internet Integration

Students and staff at Wes-Del Middle/High School use various technologies to enhance the learning process.  Some examples of technology integration processes are:

  • The Internet as a research and investigative tool
  • Library services including Destiny Library Software, SIRS, Researcher, Government Reporter, Reading Counts, SRI ,Inspire Database and World Book online …
  • Word processing, database, and spreadsheet applications to address various student learning needs
  • Wes-Del Middle/High School received a grant and implemented four In-Access classrooms, two english/language arts classrooms and two science classrooms, in January of 2007. 
  • A Moodle server and a Safari Montage Server were installed. 
  • PowerPoint presentation software to convey reading comprehension and research results
  • Various math problem-solving software such as Geometers Sketch Pad, Green Globs and Graphing Equations, and Skills Tutor
  • The CAD lab
  • Mini Yearbook lab
  • Web development mini lab
  • Teachers develop and maintain their own home page

  • School Messenger, a program designed to increase communication between school and home has been implemented.
    • The program allows the school to notify parents/guardians about a student's absence from school
    • The program provides the opportunity to contact parents in the event of an emergency or school closing or delay.
  • Large screen televisions and VCR/DVD players have been installed in all classrooms and provide the opportunity for future access to the network and Safari Montage video streaming.


Future Plans


  • Continue to increase the use of technology in all curricular areas
  • More effectively use the Internet in the delivery of curricular instruction to enhance student learning
  • Improve the development of research skills to effectively enhance the use of the Internet in active research and learning.
  • Provide instruction for teachers to effectively use the Internet and other online databases for student research projects.
  • Expand the use of Moodle to more effectively use existing technologies
  • Continue to look at ways to implement more 1:1 classrooms.
  • The CAD lab will be updated and expanded.
  • Large screen televisions will be connected to the network with scan converters.

Professional Development Strategies

Wes-Del provides many opportunities for staff members to participate in professional development activities which are coordinated by the Curriculum/Technology Coordinator and/or the building principal.  Various forms of professional development opportunities will be offered to staff members may include, but not be limited to:

  • Effective use of current staff members to provide Just-In-Time training for colleagues
  • Half-day in-service days dedicated to technology training will be scheduled as part of the early release days.
  • Trainers from other outside resources will be used to meet identified needs.
  • After school and summer workshops offering stipends or optional college credit, professional development points or CRU's, whichever is applicable
  • Encouragement of teachers to attend professional conferences addressing technology integration in their classrooms

Technology Needs Assessment

A four year replacement schedule has been established to continually upgrade technology hardware throughout the corporation.  Monitoring new and evolving technologies will provide further direction in effectively supplying the technological needs of students and staff.  Other forms of documentation necessary to establish the needs for technology may include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Teachers will be encouraged to establish goals for improving technology integration into their classrooms.
  • Teachers will be encouraged to seek out new forms of technology that can be used to enhance the overall delivery of the curriculum and engage learners.
  • Teachers will be encouraged to create documentation that records the use of technology within their classroom.
  • Documentation of teacher training in technology.
  • Documentation of hardware and software usage involving various forms of technology.


Program Evaluation


The effective use of technology will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the effective use of technology is being implemented in all curricular areas.  The plan will be updated at least every three years and the committee will meet annually to evaluate the progress of the plan. If changes or adjustments are required, they will be made at that time. The committee will look at new technologies that have been added and how well staff members are able to use technology to enhance their overall instruction.  Some tools that may be used in the evaluation process are:

  • Survey of students, staff, and parents
  • Logs of lab use
  • Teacher evaluation of training sessions in technology
  • Review and evaluation of documentation of staff development opportunities provided.

Technology Budget

The budgeted Capital Project Funds for Wes-Del Middle/High School are as follows:

    2007   2008   2009 2010   2011

Hardware:     $ 17,520   $ 69,090   $ 68,910   $ 83,319   $ 22,065    

Software:   $ 5,500   $ 5,500   $   5,500   $ 5,500   $ 5,500

Staff Develop:   $ 8,500   $ 8,500   $   8,500   $ 8,500   $ 8,500