Wes-Del Elementary Technology Plan

Wes-Del Elementary

Technology Plan


July 1, 2008-June 30, 2011

Mission Statement

The mission of Wes-Del Elementary School is "Reach and Teach Every Child, Every Day".

Technology Goals

Wes-Del Elementary will:

1.   Enhance and increase student achievement by effectively implementing the use of technology into the current curriculum.

2.   Continue providing effective and timely staff development to meet the learning needs of students.

3.   Continuously monitor, evaluate and update technology to meet the needs of students, staff, and community.

Technology and Internet Integration

Wes-Del Elementary plans to integrate technology and the Internet into the curriculum in the following ways.

·   Teachers will use the Internet to develop and/or use web quests that address the current curriculum and Indiana State Standards.

·   Large screen televisions with scan converters have been installed in each classroom which provides connection to the network, Internet, and Safari Montage video streaming using large screen presentation.

·   Educational software will continue to be integrated into the curriculum to enhance the overall instruction and address specific needs of students.

·   Students will work on keyboarding skills and word processing skills in an effort to make more efficient use of technology.

·   Reading Counts, SRI, World Book Online, and Destiny Library Software will continue to be used at Wes-Del Elementary as tools to improve reading comprehension skills and student interest in reading.

·   The corporation implemented STI Home Plus and Classroom Web which allows parents to view their student's academic performance, attendance, and discipline information via the Internet.

·   In an attempt to further increase communication from school to home, School Messenger was implemented in October of 2007.  The program allows the school to contact parents in the event of student absences, emergencies, and important reminders by phone and e-mail.

·   Communication between parents and the school has been improved with the installation of a homework hotline.

·   All students in grades 1-5 take the NWEA online test twice a year, and teachers have access to the data online which allows them to monitor student growth.

·   The Waterford Reading Program has been purchased and installed to address the needs of students identified with reading problems.

·   Teachers utilize licensed online teacher resources such as edhelper.com  and

  reading A-Z.

·   Three networked computers have been added to each classroom, and two labs are available for use on a regularly scheduled basis.

Future Plans


  • Software will be tested and purchased as needs are identified in various areas.
  • The Internet will continue to be used more effectively to support and provide instruction that will include searching, research strategies and online programs and activities.
  • The Wes-Del Elementary website will continue to evolve and expand.  Each teacher will have and maintain their own home page.
  • Alpha Smarts will continue to be used in classroom so that students can enter their work and save it to the network for editing, revision, and printing at a later time.
  • Students will continue to use a variety of software programs that are available on our networks.
  • Teachers will continue to expand the use of online materials that are available with their textbooks.
  • Teachers will use various technologies to bring information from the Internet to the classroom.

Professional Development Strategies

Professional development for Wes-Del Elementary is an ongoing process.  Many opportunities are provided and the professional development occurs in various ways.  The following professional development strategies will be used to provide in-service to teachers and staff.  The professional development opportunities will be coordinated by the Curriculum/Technology Coordinator and/or the building principal.

  • Staff members will identify areas of technology implementation that they will target for improvement.
  • Staff members will be used to mentor other staff members whenever possible.
  • Training requiring the use of outside specialists will also be provided when necessary.
  • A portion of the common planning time allotted to each grade level will be used to provide mentoring, training, and the planning for technology implementation.
  • "Just in Time" training will be provided to staff members as technology needs are identified.
  • After school, weekend and/or summer training sessions will be provided as needed.
  • Staff will be encouraged to attend conferences to enhance the use of technology in the curriculum.
  • Staff will be given release time so they can explore current and emerging technologies and collaborate with grade level peers to include these technologies in the curriculum.

Technology Needs Assessment

The corporation has instituted a plan for replacement and upgrade of technology equipment for all buildings.  The effective use and identified needs will be assessed using the following tools.  The tools will include but not be limited to:

  • Staff members will document the uses of technology and the Internet in their lesson plans.
  • A survey will be given to staff members to assess their needs for and growth in technology.
  • Documentation regarding the technology checked out from the media center will also be used.
  • The technology coordinator will be consulted for purchases of new software and hardware to identify any specific needs that must be addressed to make the best use of the product in the school environment.

Program Evaluation

The effective use of technology will be evaluated on a regular basis.  The plan will be updated at least every three years and the committee will meet annually to evaluate the progress of the plan. If changes or adjustments are required, they will be made at that time. The committee will look at new technologies that have been added and how well staff members are able to use technology to enhance their overall instruction. The evaluation will include but not be limited to the following tools:

  • Documentation of in-service training provided to staff members will be evaluated.
  • Student and/or staff surveys
  • Logs of lab and Alpha Smart use
  • Documentation on the presentations that staff members provide for staff development will also be evaluated.
  • Teachers will identify at least one area of growth for technology and self evaluate their growth.
  • Corporation in-service will continue to be made available to staff members according to the needs identified by staff members.

Technology Budget

The local amount budgeted in Capital Projects for Wes-Del Elementary technology is:

    2007   2008     2009 2010 2011

Hardware:   $ 55,620   $ 12,690   $ 12,510   $ 25,839   $61,065

Software:   $   4,500   $ 4,500   $ 4,500   $ 4,500   $  4,500

Staff Develop: $   6,500   $ 6,500   $ 6,500   $ 6,500   $  6,500